Creating an Entertaiment Event


Creating an entertainment event may be as simple as a talent show or as elaborate as a zoo. It takes skill, a sense of humor, and the ability to win an audience.

Describes various forms of entertainment

Describes various forms of entertainment. These forms include music, sports, drama, dance, and other forms of performance.

Entertainment has evolved over many centuries and changes in technology. These changes have altered the variety and quality of entertainment products. For example, the introduction of television altered the availability and quality of entertainment products.

Entertainment has also evolved in terms of its audience. The word “entertain” originally meant “to keep up with someone”. In the late 19th century, Pathe launched newsreels.

Entertainment has also become more important as an economic activity in many cultures. Fairs have existed since ancient times, and are a form of entertainment in their own right. Fairs allow people to see innovations and items for trade, and also offer specific forms of entertainment.

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