The Daily News

The Daily News, once America’s most successful tabloid newspaper, combines intense city news coverage with celebrity gossip and classified ads, as well as a wide range of sports, political and opinion features. The paper was founded in 1919 and began life as the Illustrated Daily News. It attracted readers with sensational news of crime, scandal and violence, lurid photographs and cartoons. Originally published in tabloid format, it was later reduced to broadsheet.

In recent years, the newspaper has suffered from financial difficulties. In 1993, it was bought out of bankruptcy by real estate mogul Mortimer Zuckerman and became the New York Daily News. In 2017, the Daily News was sold to Tribune Publishing, now Tronc, for $1. The sale was a result of the newspaper’s declining circulation and revenue.

While the future of the newspaper is uncertain, its long history of service to the communities it serves is undeniable. The newspaper is known for breaking major stories that impact the state, the city and the world. In the past, the Daily News has been involved in exposing police corruption, uncovering sexual assault and investigating racial profiling. Additionally, the newspaper has been instrumental in bringing attention to important issues such as climate change and gun safety.

The Daily News is currently undergoing a massive digital transformation that will see it shift from a print to an online-only publication. The move is part of an effort to focus on its website and digital products in order to appeal to a younger audience. The website will also allow the Daily News to expand its offerings beyond local news and politics.

The News is home to a number of award-winning writers and columnists, many of whom are well-known in their respective fields. In addition to the flagship New York City edition, the paper is also available in a number of other locations throughout the United States and around the world. The paper is headquartered in Manhattan’s Times Square district.

In the latest issue of The Daily News, immigration expert Allan Wernick discusses a new report that finds some school districts employ discriminatory admissions practices that make it difficult or impossible for undocumented students to enroll. He also takes a look back at the history of affirmative action and considers what the future may hold in light of the SCOTUS ruling on race-conscious college admissions.

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